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  1. pass out

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      分發, 分配;【俚】昏倒; 失去知覺; 酒醉
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    • 1. 分發, 分配 Would you pass out the books for me? 你替我分發一下書好嗎? The exhibitors at the trade fair pass out free samples to arouse people's interest. 商業展覽會上的展出者免費散發了一些樣品以便激發人們的興趣。
    • 2. 【俚】昏倒; 失去知覺; 酒醉 She went back to work while she was still sick, and finally she just passed out. 她還病著的時候就回來工作了, 最後她終於昏厥過去。 Fifty people passed out from heat at the outdoor rock concert. 在那戶外的搖滾音樂會中有五十人熱得昏過去了。
    • 3. 出去, 離開 Having registered, we passed out. 登記之後我們就出去了。
    • 4. 【英】(尤指軍校學生)完成學業, 畢業


    分發, 分配