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  1. pick ... up

    • ph.
      舉起或抬起; 拿起; 拾起;見到, 聽到(尤指藉助儀器)
    • 釋義


    • 1. 舉起或抬起; 拿起; 拾起 He picked up the child and put her on his shoulders. 他抱起孩子讓她騎在自己的肩膀上。 I picked up your bag by mistake. 我錯拿了你的手提包。
    • 2. 見到, 聽到(尤指藉助儀器) They picked up the yacht on their radar screen. 他們在雷達屏上看到了那艘遊艇。 I was able to pick you up on the short wave radio. 我能用短波收音機收聽到你的信號。