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  1. pick up

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    • 1. 用汽車搭載某人或接某人 I'll pick you up at 7 o'clock. 7點鐘我開車來接你。 He picked up a hitch-hiker. 他中途讓個搭便車的人上了車。
    • 2. 【口】【貶】偶然結識某人 He picked up the girl at a college disco. 他在學校的迪斯科舞會上偶然結識了那姑娘。 She's living with some man she picked up on holiday. 她與一個在假日認識的男人同住。
    • 3. 救起某人(如從海上) The lifeboat picked up all the survivors. 救生船救起了全部幸存者。
    • 4. (指警方等)逮捕某人(如為訊問) The police picked him up as he was trying to leave the country. 他正要離開該國時, 警方把他捉住了。 He was picked up and taken for questioning. 他被拘捕接受審訊。
    • 5. 責備某人 She picked him up for using bad language. 她指責他出言不遜。