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  1. pile

    • IPA[paɪl]



    • n.
      堆;摞; 沓; 疊
    • vt.
      疊放; 堆放; 把…放成一摞;胡亂堆放
    • vi.
    • 釋義
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    • 片語
    • n.
    • 1. 堆

      a pile of stones/dirty clothes/cigarette ash 一堆石頭/髒衣服/煙灰

      to make a pile of sth., to put sth. in a pile 把某物堆成一堆

    • 2. 摞; 沓; 疊

      to sort sth. into piles 把某物整理成一摞一摞的

      to put sth. in a pile 把某物摞起來

    • 3. 大量

      piles or a pile of sth. 大量某物

      to make a or one's pile (doing sth./out of sth.) (做某事/從某事物中)賺大錢

    • 4. 宏偉建築

      a Georgian pile 喬治王朝時期的雄偉建築

    • 5. 絨面

      a carpet with a deep pile 厚絨地毯

    • 6. 樁基; 橋墩
    • 7. 電池組
    • vt.
    • 1. 疊放; 堆放; 把…放成一摞

      to pile sth. on top of sth. 把某物堆放在某物上面

      to pile coal on (to) the fire 給爐火加煤

    • 2. 胡亂堆放

      to pile sth. into sth. 胡亂地把某物塞進某物

    • 3. 堆滿

      to be piled with sth. 堆滿某物

    • vi.
    • 1. 擁擠

      they piled through the gate/towards the exits 他們蜂擁穿過大門/擠向出口

      they piled on to/off the bus 他們一窩蜂地上了/下了公交車

    • npl. haemorrhoids

    • ph. 增多; 積累

    • Evidence was piling up against them. 不利於他們的證據越來越多。

      Her debts are piling up and she has no money to pay them. 她債台日高已無力償還。

    • ph. 堆上

    • She piled on more coal before the fire went out. 在火熄滅之前她又堆上些煤。

    • ph. 塞進; 擠入

    • He piled in all the luggage and drove off. 他把所有的行李都塞進車箱, 然後開車走了。

    • n. 【醫】痔;痔瘡

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    • KK[paɪl]
    • DJ[pail]


    • n.[C]
    • A pile of dirty clothes lay by the washing machine. 一堆髒衣服放在洗衣機旁邊。
    • vt.
    • He piled the books on top of each other. 他把書一本一本地疊起來。
    • vi.
    • Her work is piling up. 她的工作越積越多。

      She's been piling up money ever since she got the job. 自從得了那份工作以來,她一直在攢錢。

    • KK[paɪl]
    • DJ[pail]


    • n.
    • vt.
    • KK[paɪl]
    • DJ[pail]


    • n.[C,U]
    • 堆,大堆,電池,大量,橋樁,軟毛,痔瘡堆起,堆積,積累,擠堆於,累積
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