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    • 1. 動手做,使勁做 After the Christmas dinner, we all pitched in to clean up the house. 耶誕晚餐後,我們全都動手幫助清理房子。 They all pitched in and finished the work within two hours. 他們全部努力地做,兩小時內就把工作完成了。
    • 2. 協力,作出貢獻 We all pitched in to buy Uncle George a birthday present. 我們大家出錢給喬治叔叔買生日禮物。
    • 3. 參與救助性質的團體活動 Most of the employees in our company volunteered to donate blood. When are you going to pitch in? 公司中大部份的員工都志願去捐血。你什麼時候加入?