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  1. place

    • IPA[pleɪs]



    • n.
      地點; 地方; 地區;場所
    • vt.
    • vi.
      名列前三; 名列前四
    • 過去式:placed 過去分詞:placed 現在分詞:placing

    • 名詞複數:places

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    • 1. 地點; 地方; 地區 he had no place to go 他無處可去 at or in a place 在某個地方
    • 2. 場所 a place of worship/business/entertainment/execution 禮拜堂/營業場所/娛樂場所/刑場 a place of learning/refuge 學府/避難所
    • 3. 適當位置 a or the place for sb./sth./to do sth. 適合某人/某事物/做某事的地方 she put the book back in its place 她把書放回了原位
    • 4. 某處; 某時點 I've lost my place in the book 我忘了書上次讀到哪兒了 the audience laughed in all the wrong places 觀眾總在不該笑的時候哄堂大笑
    • 5. 座位 to show sb. to his or her place 給某人引座 to keep or save a place for sb. 為某人留座位
    • 6. 地位; 身份 to have a place in sth. 在某事物中佔有一席之地 to take sb.'s place or the place of sb. 代替某人
    • 7. 位置 to put oneself in sb. else's or sb.'s place 設身處地替某人著想 to change or swap or trade places with sb. 與某人交換位置
    • 8. 名次 to win or gain first place 獲得第一名 to finish in first/second place 獲得第一/第二名
    • 9. 職位 he has a place in publishing 他在出版行業供職 a place on the committee/board 委員會/董事會成員的職位
    • 10. 就讀機會 to be offered a place (at university) 被錄取(進大學) a free/fee-paying place 免費的/須支付學費的名額
    • 11. 隊員資格 a place in the national Olympic squad 國家奧林匹克運動隊的隊員資格 a place as team captain 隊長身份
    • 12. three decimal places, three places of decimals 小數點後三位
    • 13. 廣場; 街; 宅院 Langham Place, London 倫敦蘭海姆廣場
    • 14. 地點 the unities of action, time, and place 情節、時間、地點的一致


    • 1. 放置 the house is badly placed on a busy main road 房子位於繁忙的主幹道旁,位置很糟糕 to place sth. high up/low down/to one side 把某物放在高處/低處/一旁
    • 2. 安置 to place sb. in sth. 安排某人某事 to place sb. in a dilemma/a tight corner 使某人進退兩難/陷入困境
    • 3. 給予 to place limitations/blame/reliance on sb. 限制/責備/信賴某人 to place emphasis on sth. 強調某事物
    • 4. 安排 to place an advertisement in a paper 在報紙上刊登一則廣告 to place an order/a contract for sth. (with sb.) (向某人)發出某物的訂單/(與某人)簽訂某事物的合同
    • 5. 認出; 辨認 I can't quite place his accent 我不太能辨別他的口音
    • 6. 劃分 I would place him among the greatest players of all time 我認為他是史上最偉大的選手之一 to place sb./sth. high/low 高估/低估某人/某事物
    • 7. 投入 to place money on deposit 存錢 she placed all her savings in gilts/blue chips 她把自己所有的積蓄都購買了金邊債券/藍籌股


    • 1. 名列前三; 名列前四 the one I bet on didn't even place 我下了賭注的那匹馬連名次都沒得到


    1. a particular position, point, or area in space; a location

    2. a person's home

    3. a portion of space designated or available for or being used by someone

    4. a vacancy or available position

    5. a person's rank or status

    6. a right or privilege resulting from someone's role or position

    7. put in a particular position

    8. allocate or assign (an abstract quality) to something

    9. find a home or employment for

    10. identify or classify as being of a specified type or as holding a specified position in a sequence or hierarchy

    11. be able to remember or identify (someone or something)

    • n.
    • adj.
    • n.
    • comb.
      (構成形容詞)表示地位……的,能力……的(如:well-placed地位佳的,能力合適的;a highly-placed ...
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    • 安放的


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    • n.
    • vt.
      放置,安置;將……寄託於[O] He placed cups and saucers on the table. 他把杯子和茶碟放到桌上。
    • vi.
    • 放置,使…處於某位置