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  1. project

    • IPA[ˈprɒdʒekt]



    • n.
      項目; 方案; 任務;研究課題
    • vt.
      投擲; 發射; 傳送;放映; 投射
    • vi.
      伸出; 突出; 凸出
    • 過去式:projected 過去分詞:projected 現在分詞:projecting

    • 名詞複數:projects

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 項目; 方案; 任務 a project manager/sponsor 項目經理/贊助者 a third world development project 一項第三世界發展規劃
    • 2. 研究課題
    • 3. 住宅區


    • 1. 投擲; 發射; 傳送
    • 2. 放映; 投射
    • 3. 展現 she projects an aura of mystery 她顯得神秘兮兮的
    • 4. 預測
    • 5. 投射 to project sth. on to or upon sb. 把某事物投射到某人身上


    • 1. 伸出; 突出; 凸出


    1. a piece of research work undertaken by a school or college student

    2. a proposed or planned undertaking

    3. estimate or forecast (something) on the basis of present trends

    4. plan (a scheme or undertaking)

    5. extend outwards beyond something else; protrude

    6. throw or cause to move forward or outward

    7. cause (light, shadow, or an image) to fall on a surface

    8. present or promote (a particular view or image)

    9. attribute or transfer an emotion or desire to (another person), especially unconsciously