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  1. puff

    • IPA[pʌf]



    • n.
      喘氣; 陣風;少量; 轉瞬即逝
    • vt.
      冒出; 噴出;吸
    • vi.
      一陣陣冒出; 從某處一陣陣噴出來;一口一口地吸
    • 過去式:puffed 過去分詞:puffed 現在分詞:puffing

    • 名詞複數:puffs

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 片語


    • 1. 喘氣; 陣風 to blow out the candles in one puff 一口氣吹滅所有蠟燭
    • 2. 少量; 轉瞬即逝 puffs of cloud 一縷縷雲 to vanish or go up in a puff of smoke 在一陣輕煙中消失
    • 3. to take a puff (on a cigarette/pipe) 吸一口(香煙/煙斗)
    • 4. powder puff
    • 5. 千層酥 a cream puff 奶油酥
    • 6. 呼吸 to be out of puff 上氣不接下氣
    • 7. 吹捧 the new car got a lot of puff 這款新車被吹得天花亂墜 to give sth. a puff 吹捧
    • 8. 泡褶


    • 1. 冒出; 噴出 to puff smoke into sb.'s face 把煙吹到某人臉上 to puff sth. from or out of sth. 從某處冒出某物
    • 2.
    • 3. 吹捧


    • 1. 一陣陣冒出; 從某處一陣陣噴出來 to puff from or out of sth. 從某處一陣陣冒出來
    • 2. 一口一口地吸 to puff at or on sth. 一口一口地吸
    • 3. 喘氣 to puff like a grampus 氣喘如牛 to puff and blow 氣喘吁吁


    1. a short, explosive burst of breath or wind

    2. an act of drawing quickly on a pipe, cigarette, or cigar

    3. a review of a work of art, book, or theatrical production, especially an excessively complimentary one

    4. an advertisement, especially one exaggerating the value of the goods advertised

    5. breathe in repeated short gasps

    6. smoke a pipe, cigarette, or cigar

    7. advertise with exaggerated or false praise