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  1. pull in

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      巴士、火車...等進站載客; (車輛或船)開到路邊或岸邊或開離公路;賺到, 獲得
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    • 1. 巴士、火車...等進站載客; (車輛或船)開到路邊或岸邊或開離公路 The train pulled in to the station on time. 火車準時進佔停靠。 The fishermen pulled in their nets and found that they were full of fish. 漁夫把網子拉進, 發現網裡充滿魚。
    • 2. 賺到, 獲得 She's pulling in ten thousand dollars a month. 她一個月賺一萬元。
    • 3. 逮捕 Evan was pulled in to court for speeding. 艾文因為超速被逮捕送到法院。
    • 4. 吸引 Higher wages in big cities pull in the young men from rural areas. 大都市中較高的工資吸引鄉下地區的年輕人到都市來。
    • 5. 【口】提到警察局


    巴士、火車...等進站載客; (車輛或船)開到路邊或岸邊或開離公路