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  1. put back

    • vt.
    • vi.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 放回 to put sth. back on/in/under sth. 把某物放回到某物上/裡/下 to put sth. back together again 重新把某物組裝好
    • 2. 往後撥 to put the time back to 3 o'clock 把時間撥回到3點 to put the big hand back five minutes 把時針撥後5分鐘
    • 3. 推遲 to put sth. back to or until ... 把某事推遲到… the meeting has been put back to a later date/the 23rd 會議被推遲到以後的某個日期/23號
    • 4. 延誤 the strike has put deliveries back by two weeks 罷工使得交貨時間延誤了兩週
    • 5. 猛喝


    • 1. 返回 the ship had to put back to port 船不得不返回港口