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  1. put out

    • ph.
      撲滅;逐出, 趕出去
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    • 1. 撲滅 He put out the light and went out. 他熄滅了燈然後走了出去。 Put out the fire before going to bed. 睡覺之前先熄掉爐火。
    • 2. 逐出, 趕出去 Don't get drunk or they will put you out. 他們喝醉了, 否則他們會把你趕出去。
    • 3. 伸出 It's dangerous to put out your hand now. 現在你把手伸出去是危險的。
    • 4. 生產, 製造; 出版, 發行 The company puts out 13 new machines every month. 該公司每月生產十三台機器。 The government will put out a new statement next week. 政府將在下週發表一個聲明。
    • 5. 使不方便, 打擾 Her parents felt put out when she brought some classmates to stay over. 她帶一些同學回家過夜, 她父母覺得不方便。 We felt put out by the guest's incessant requests. 客人不斷的要求令我們覺得受打擾。