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  1. put sb. off

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    • 1. (指車船等)停住讓某人下去 I asked the bus driver to put me off near the town centre. 我請公共汽車司機在快到市中心時讓我下車。
    • 2. 推遲或取消會議或與某人的約會 We've invited friends to supper and it's too late to put them off now. 我們已邀請朋友來吃晚飯, 現在取消已來不及了。 She put him off with the excuse that she had too much work to do. 她以工作太忙為藉口取消了跟他的約會。
    • 3. 使某人不高興; 惹某人不悅(或厭惡、反感) He's a good salesman, but his offhand manner does tend to put people off. 他是個很好的推銷員, 可是他那隨便的態度容易使人產生反感。 Don't be put off by his gruff exterior; he's really very kind underneath. 別介意他表現粗野, 其實他心地很善良。
    • 4. 打攪某人; 使某人注意力不集中 Don't put me off when I'm trying to concentrate. 我正要集中注意力呢, 別打攪我。 The sudden noise put her off her game. 突如其來的嘈雜聲分散了她比賽時的注意力。