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  1. quad

    • IPA[kwäd]


    • n.
      a quadrangle;a quadruplet
    • adj.
      quadruple or quadraphonic.
    • noun: quad, plural noun: quads

    • 釋義


    • 1. a quadrangle students greeted him as he walked through the quad
    • 2. a quadruplet 9,294 women gave birth to twins, while 147 had triplets, and five had quads
    • 3. a quadriceps muscle I have well-developed quads but my glutes are not all they could be
    • 4. a quad bike inexperienced riders on quads and mopeds
    • 5. quadraphonic sound we issued records in two forms at once, stereo and quad
    • 6. (in telephony) a group of four insulated conductors twisted together, usually forming two circuits.
    • 7. a radio antenna in the form of a square or rectangle broken in the middle of one side.
    • 8. informal a traditional roller skate.
    • 9. a small metal block in various sizes, lower than type height, used in letterpress printing for filling up short lines.


    • 1. informal quadruple or quadraphonic.