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  1. quarter

    • IPA[ˈkwɔːtə(r)]



    • n.
    • npl.
      住處; 營房
    • adj.
    • adv
    • vt.
    • 過去式:quartered 過去分詞:quartered 現在分詞:quartering

    • 名詞複數:quarters

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 四分之一 a quarter of a mile/pound 四分之一英里/磅 to divide the cake into four quarters 把蛋糕分成四等份
    • 2. 一刻鐘 (a) quarter of an hour 一刻鐘 an hour and a quarter 一小時多一刻鐘
    • 3. 3個月 she's ten and a quarter 她10歲零3個月 productivity rose 1% in the first quarter of the year 第一季度的生產力提高了1%
    • 4. 城區 the poor quarter 貧民區 a residential quarter 住宅區
    • 5. 個人; 群體 news from the highest quarters 來自最高層的消息 the news was greeted with dismay in some or certain quarters 有一部分人對這條消息感到洩氣
    • 6. 25分 it only cost me a quarter! 它只花了我兩毛五分錢!
    • 7. 半圓的月相 the moon is in its first/last quarter 月亮正處於上/下弦
    • 8. 一節
    • 9. 夸特 a quarter of cheese 一夸特乾酪
    • 10. 夸特
    • 11. 慈悲 his rivals knew that they could expect no quarter from him 他的對手們知道他決不會手下留情
    • 12. 方位 a wind from a northerly quarter 北風
    • 13. 船側後部 on the port/starboard quarter 在左舷/右舷船尾
    • 14. 四分之一胴體 a quarter of beef 帶一條腿的大塊牛肉
    • 15. 盾的四分之一


    • 1. 住處; 營房 they took up quarters in the farmhouse 他們住進了農舍 married quarters 已婚軍人宿舍


    • 1. 四分之一的 it's a quarter century old 它已有25年的歷史


    • 1. 在近處 to fight at close quarters 近距離作戰 seen at close quarters, he's ugly 他近看很醜


    • 1. 把…分為四部分 she peeled the apple and quartered it 她把蘋果削了皮,切成四瓣
    • 2. 肢解 to be hanged, drawn, and quartered 被絞死並開膛分屍
    • 3. 為…提供食宿 the airmen are quartered on local villagers 飛行員住在當地村民家中 the soldiers were quartered in the town 士兵們在鎮上宿營


    1. a part of a town or city having a particular character or use

    2. a particular but unspecified person, group of people, or area

    3. rooms or lodgings, especially those allocated to people in military or domestic service

    4. pity or mercy shown towards an enemy or opponent who is in one's power

    5. be stationed or lodged in a specified place

    6. range over or traverse (an area) in every direction