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  1. ram

    • IPA[ram]


    • n.
      an uncastrated male sheep.;the zodiacal sign or constellation Aries.
    • v.
      roughly force (something) into place;(of a vehicle or vessel) be driven violently into (something, typically another vehicle or vessel) in an attempt to stop or damage it
    • verb: ram, 3rd person present: rams, gerund or present participle: ramming, past tense: rammed, past participle: rammed

    • noun: ram, plural noun: rams

    • 釋義
    • 片語


    • 1. an uncastrated male sheep.
    • the zodiacal sign or constellation Aries.
    • 2. short for battering ram
    • historical a beak or other projecting part of the bow of a warship, for piercing the hulls of other ships.
    • 3. the falling weight of a pile-driving machine.
    • 4. a hydraulic water-raising or lifting machine.
    • the piston of a hydraulic press.
    • the plunger of a force pump.