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  1. reach

    • IPA[riːtʃ]



    • vt.
    • vi.
      伸手;足夠長; 足夠高
    • n.
    • npl.
    • 過去式:reached 過去分詞:reached 現在分詞:reaching

    • 名詞複數:reaches

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 片語


    • 1. 到達 the village is easily reached by bus 乘坐公共汽車很容易到達那個村莊 I hope this letter reaches you 我希望你能收到這封信
    • 2. 達到 when people reach the age of 60 當人到了60歲
    • 3. 發展到 matters reached a point where ... 事態發展到了…的地步 I've reached the point where I can't stand this any longer! 我對此已經忍無可忍了!
    • 4. 達成; 作出; 得出
    • 5. 同…取得聯繫 to reach sb. by phone 與某人電話聯繫 to reach sb. on 撥打65642222同某人取得聯繫
    • 6. 長及; 夠到; 漫到; 積到 his feet can't reach the pedals 他的雙腳踩不到踏板
    • 7. 夠到 put medicines where children can't reach them 把藥放在兒童夠不到的地方
    • 8. to reach sth. for sb., to reach sb. sth. 將某物遞給某人
    • 9. 打動 to reach sb. with sth. 通過…影響某人


    • 1. 伸手 to reach across or over 伸過手去 to reach down/up 探手下去/抬起手
    • 2. 足夠長; 足夠高 the cable won't reach 電纜不夠長 to reach as far as sth. 長達某處


    • 1. 臂展 a long or good reach gives a boxer a distinct advantage 臂展長是拳擊手的明顯優勢 to be beyond or out of/within (one's or arm's) reach 在(手臂)夠不著/夠得著的地方
    • 2. 長度 shears with a long reach 長剪
    • 3. 智力水平 to be beyond or out of/within sb.'s reach 為某人不能/所能理解
    • 4. 影響力 beyond or out of reach of sb./sth. 在某人/某事物的勢力範圍之外 he's beyond the reach of the law 他正逍遙法外
    • 5. 財力 to be beyond or out of/within sb.'s reach, to be beyond or out of/within reach for sb. 讓某人負擔不起/負擔得起 to put sth. beyond or out of/within sb.'s reach 使某人無力/能夠購買


    • 1. 河段 the upper/lower reaches (of a river) (河的)上游/下游
    • 2. 邊遠地區 the outer/further reaches (of sth.) (某地區的)外部/偏遠地帶 the outer reaches of space 外太空
    • 3. 部門 the upper/lower reaches (of government) (政府的)上層/下層機構


    1. stretch out an arm in a specified direction in order to touch or grasp something

    2. hand (something) to (someone)

    3. arrive at; get as far as

    4. attain or extend to (a specified point, level, or condition)

    5. succeed in achieving

    6. succeed in influencing or having an effect on

    7. make contact with (someone) by telephone or other means

    8. the distance to which someone, especially a boxer, can stretch out their hand

    9. the extent or range of something's application, effect, or influence