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    • 真的,真實的,實際的,實在的,不動(產)的,實數的實數,現實真正地
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    • Real deal” & ”on the money” 點解?

      ... are always on the money.他預測天氣一向都很準確.至於 Real deal 可解作 真實個案,成交個案.

    • 英文real & really作副詞分別 ?

      People normally use the word [really] as the adverb of [real]. [real] is usually an adjective and is used as an adverb by native Americans and Scots, and this is sometimes regarded as an informal usage.

    • ”happiness only real when shared”??

      ...用盡力氣在書本上寫下最後的一句說話,男主角到臨死時才大徹大悟:happiness only real when shared,一起分享才能有真正的快樂.There is no happiness...