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  1. real estate

    • n.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 房地產 they own a piece of New York real estate 他們在紐約擁有一處房產
    • 2. 房地產業 to be in real estate 做房地產生意
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    • translate into Eng, Please,thx

      Real estate in addition to oneself investment in addition to the real estate thing industry item...margin and engineering service etc..Under the support of group company, the real estate business quickly expand, and gets the approbation of social public with great fame and...

    • 851天與時並進:PARTING COMPANY 標題怎譯?及聞中問字解?

      real estate 解 "房地產 - property consisting of houses and land&quot...

    • How to read.......?

      ...%A6r+ 有得發聲ga! n. 1. 地產[C] He is a real estate agent. 他是一個房地產經紀人。 2. 財產,資產;遺產[U][C] When...