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  1. real number

    • n.
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    • 為什麼number的簡寫會是【no.】???

      ...often clear from context (i.e., does it refer to a complex number, integer, real number, etc.?). Wherever possible in this work, the word "number" ...

    • 以下英文的中文意思?

      ...representation system in which a string of digits (or bits) represents a real number. = 在計算, 浮點描述數字的一個數字表示法系統(或位元) 串代表一個實數...

    • 何謂無理根?

      根2 That is 2^0.5 The square root of a number cannot be expressed as an integer 2007-08-28 15:49:35 補充: 無理根 is a real number also