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  1. refer to

    • vt.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 提及 I wasn't referring to you 我指的不是你 we shall not refer to it again 我們不會再提它了
    • 2. 稱呼 to refer to sb./sth. as sb./sth. 稱呼某人/某事物為某人/某事物 this is what I refer/what is referred to as ‘art’ 這就是我所說的/所謂的“藝術”
    • 3. 適用於
    • 4. 指的是
    • 5. 參考; 查閱; 請教 ‘please refer to page 1’ “請參見第一頁” she referred to the director 她請示了主管
    • 6. 讓…參考 the reader is referred to chapter four 讀者請參閱第4章 may I refer you to my letter of 14 May? 請你看一下我5月14日的信好嗎?
    • 7. 讓…向…求助 she was referred to the enquiry office 有人指點她去問訊處詢問
    • 8. 讓…轉診到…處 she was referred to a clinical psychologist for counselling 她被轉診到臨床心理學家處做心理諮詢