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  1. reflect on

    • ph.
      深思; 考慮; 反省;招來非議; 帶來恥辱
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    • 1. 深思; 考慮; 反省 Reflect on/upon all I have said to you. 好好思考一下我對你說的一切。 The old man reflected on the changes that had taken place since his youth. 老人回想從自己的青年時期以來所發生的種種變化。
    • 2. 招來非議; 帶來恥辱 The lie that you told reflects on your honesty. 你所說的有損於你的誠實。
    • 3. 帶來影響 His conduct will reflect seriously on his future career. 他的行為將嚴重影響到他將來的工作。 I don't wish to reflect on your sincerity. 我不想議論你的缺乏誠意。


    深思; 考慮; 反省