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  1. relieve

    • KK[rɪˋliv]
    • DJ[riˋli:v]


    • vt.
    • 過去式:relieved 過去分詞:relieved 現在分詞:relieving

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 緩和,減輕;解除 The fund is for relieving distress among the flood victims. 這筆款項是用於解救洪水災民的困苦的。 This lotion relieves itching. 這藥劑可止癢。
    • 2. 換……的班,接替 The guard will be relieved at midnight. 守衛將在半夜換班。
    • 3. 調劑,使不單調乏味 The brown hills were relieved by patches of green. 褐色的山上點綴著一片片的綠色植物就不顯得單調了。
    • 4. 救濟;救援;解圍 Rescue workers were sent to relieve the trapped coal miners. 搶險人員被派去解救被困在井下的煤礦工人。
    • 5. 使寬慰,使放心[H] Knowing the truth relieved the anxious parents. 知道事情的真相使焦急的父母大為寬心。
    • 6. 【口】偷,竊去[(+of)] The minister was relieved of his post. 部長被解除了職務。
    • 7. 襯托,使顯目;使成浮雕 A black sash relieves a white gown. 白色的長袍上配上黑色的腰帶更顯潔白。
    • 8. 解除職務[(+of)]


    vt. 消弱,安慰

    vt. 放鬆,鬆懈,解除


    「vt. 緩和;解除;使寬慰」的反義字