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  1. rencounter

    • IPA[rɛnˈkaʊntə]


    • n.
      a chance meeting with someone;a battle, skirmish, or duel
    • v.
      meet by chance
    • verb: rencounter, 3rd person present: rencounters, gerund or present participle: rencountering, past tense: rencountered, past participle: rencountered

    • noun: rencounter, plural noun: rencounters

    • 釋義


    • 1. a chance meeting with someone I was so well pleased with this rencounter that I forgot my resentment
    • a battle, skirmish, or duel three little rencounters have happened with the enemy


    • 1. meet by chance I wonder who those fellows were we rencountered last night