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  1. resort to

    • ph.
      依靠, 求助於, 訴諸於;光顧; 常去(某地)
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    • 1. 依靠, 求助於, 訴諸於 The electric lamps went out so we had to resort to candles to light the room. 電燈滅了, 所以我們只能求助於蠟燭來照明。 It was after the failure of his attempt that he resorted to force. 他的嘗試失敗之後他使用了武力。
    • 2. 光顧; 常去(某地) We resorted to the hotel for some coffee. 我們去那家賓館喝咖啡。 The beggar resorted to the restaurant for some soup. 這個乞丐常去該飯店要湯喝。


    依靠, 求助於, 訴諸於