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  1. respects

    • respect的名詞複數
    • 相關詞
    • n.
      尊敬 mutual love and respect 互敬互愛 respect for sb./sth. 對某人/某事物的尊敬
    • npl.
      問候 they called at his house and offered him their respects 他們去他家問候他 please pass on my respects to your mother 請代我問候你的母親
    • vt.
      尊敬; 欽佩 a man I greatly or deeply respected 我以前非常敬重的人 she was respected by everyone 她受到所有人的尊敬
    • prep.
      關於 laws respecting property 關於財產的法律
    • n.
      敬重,尊敬[U][(+for)] They treated me with respect. 他們對我很敬重。
    • vt.
      尊敬,敬重[(+for/as)] He is highly respected by everyone for his integrity. 他因清廉而深受大家的尊敬。
    • prep.
      關於;在……方面 laws respecting property 有關財產的法律
    • adj.
    • 尊敬,尊重


    • 受到尊敬的


    • 關系,說到


    • ph.
      從各方面看來 I think you are wrong in all respects. 我覺得你全部都錯了。
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