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  1. response

    • IPA[rɪˈspɒns]


    • n.
      a verbal or written answer;an answer to a question in a test, questionnaire, etc.
    • noun: response, plural noun: responses

    • 釋義


    • 1. a verbal or written answer there was laughter at his response to the question we received 400 applications in response to one job ad
    • an answer to a question in a test, questionnaire, etc. table 3.1 shows the mean number of correct responses given by each age group 同義詞 answer, reply, acknowledgement, rejoinder, retort, ... 更多反義詞 question
    • a part of a religious liturgy said or sung by a congregation in answer to a minister or cantor.
    • 2. a reaction to something an extended, jazzy piano solo drew the biggest response from the crowd an Honours degree course in Japanese has been established in response to an increasing demand 同義詞 reaction, reply, reciprocation, retaliation, feedback, ... 更多
    • an excitation of a nerve impulse caused by a change or event; a physical reaction to a specific stimulus or situation we unwittingly induce Pavlovian-type responses in dogs by establishing a rigid routine for feeding there is considerable species variation in the stomach's response to alcohol
    • the way in which a mechanical or electrical device responds to a stimulus or stimuli the throttle response from the 1870 cc engine is almost petrol sharp
    • a bid made in answer to one's partner's preceding bid.