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  1. restore

    • KK[rɪˋstor]
    • DJ[riˋstɔ:]


    • vt.
    • 過去式:restored 過去分詞:restored 現在分詞:restoring

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 恢復 The army was called in to restore law and order to the place. 軍隊被召來恢復該地治安。
    • 2. 使復原[(+to)] The new manager's job is to restore the company to profitability. 新經理的任務是使公司扭虧為贏。
    • 3. 使恢復健康,使復元[H][(+to)] He was completely restored. 他已完全復元。
    • 4. 修復,整修;修補(受損文物等) I wonder if this picture can be restored. 我很想知道這幅畫能否修復。
    • 5. 歸還,交還[(+to)] The stolen bike was restored to its owner. 被盜自行車歸還了失主。
    • 6. 使復位,使復職[(+to)] Their attempt to restore the king failed. 他們想使國王復位的企圖失敗了。


    vt. 恢復;修理