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  1. round

    • IPA[raʊnd]



    • adj.
    • prep.
    • adv.
    • adv
    • n.
    • npl.
      巡行; 挨戶遞送; 挨戶收取; 傳遞
    • vt.
    • vi.
    • 過去式:rounded 過去分詞:rounded 現在分詞:rounding

    • 名詞複數:rounds

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    • 1. 圓形的 these glasses suit people with round faces 這種眼鏡適合圓臉的人 a round-necked T-shirt 一件圓領T恤衫
    • 2. 球形的 the earth is round 地球是圓的
    • 3. 半球形的 the round green hills 圓圓的綠山崗
    • 4. 弧形的; 圓體的 the cloisters have round arches 修道院有圓弧形的拱門 he writes a neat round hand 他寫得一手工整的圓體字
    • 5. 前曲的 round shoulders 駝背
    • 6. 豐滿的 she had round pink cheeks 她的面頰粉嘟嘟的
    • 7. 整數的 a round figure or number 整數 in round figures 以整數
    • 8. 十足的 a round dozen 整整一打 the batsman made a round 100 擊球手整整得了100分
    • 9. 可觀的 a nice round sum 一筆相當大的金額


    • 1. 圍繞 they were all sitting round the table 他們都圍坐在桌邊 the fence round the garden 環繞著花園的柵欄
    • 2. 繞過 the baker's is just round the corner 麵包店就在那個拐角處 there's one way round this difficulty 有一種避開這個難題的辦法
    • 3. 在…各處 to go round the shops 逛商店 she looked all round the room 她看遍了房間裡的每一個角落
    • 4. 適應 he has to organize his life round the kids 他不得不以孩子為中心來安排他的生活


    • 1. 旋轉地 to go round 轉動 what speed does the Earth go round at? 地球以甚麼樣的速度旋轉?
    • 2. 以周長計 a tree three metres round 周長3米的一棵樹
    • 3. 圍繞著 to go all the way round 環繞四周 a garden with a wall all round 有圍牆的花園
    • 4. 在周圍 to crowd/gather round 圍攏/聚集在周圍
    • 5. 到處 to stand round 站在四處 to show sb. round 領某人到處看看
    • 6. 反方向地 to look round 回頭看 to turn sth. round 把某物掉轉過來
    • 7. 向另一側 it was the last house before the road curved round 過了這座房子,這條路就要拐彎了 we walked round to the back of the house 我們兜到房子後面
    • 8. 逐個 there were smiles all round 每個人的臉上都露出了微笑 to pass/hand sth. round 把某物傳給大家
    • 9. 到某處; 在某處 she's coming round today 她今天要過來 to be round 在這裡
    • 10. 循環地 as summer comes round 當夏天到來時 this time round 又到了這個時候


    • 1. 大約 round about 50 people 大約50人 it happened round about here 這件事大約發生在這兒
    • 2. 在附近


    • 1. 輪次 a round of sth. 一輪 the next round of talks 下一輪會談
    • 2. 整場比賽 to play a round of golf 打一場高爾夫球賽
    • 3. 整套跳躍 a clear round 沒有失誤的整套跳躍動作
    • 4. 一連串 the daily round of activities 日常活動 her life is one long round of parties and fun 她的生活就是沒完沒了的聚會和玩樂
    • 5. 巡迴; 巡視 we saw the postman pass by on his round 我們看到郵差在送信的路上從這兒經過
    • 6. 一巡 to pay for a round 支付一巡酒錢
    • 7. 一陣 a round of applause/cheering 一陣掌聲/歡呼
    • 8. 一發彈藥 a round of ammunition 一發彈藥 we only have three rounds left 我們只剩下三發子彈了
    • 9. 一次射擊 to fire round after round 一次又一次射擊 rounds of machine-gun fire 機槍的連續射擊
    • 10. 圓團 cut the pastry into rounds 把油酥麵團切成圓塊
    • 11. 輪唱
    • 12. 圓圈舞
    • 13. 圓形奶酪; 牛股肉 a round of beef 一大塊牛腿肉
    • 14. 整片三明治 a round of ham sandwiches 一份火腿三明治
    • 15. 一整片麵包 a round of toast 一整片吐司麵包


    • 1. 巡行; 挨戶遞送; 挨戶收取; 傳遞 to do one's rounds 巡視 the doctor was on her daily ward rounds 大夫在例行查房


    • 1. 繞過 the car rounded the corner 汽車繞過了拐角
    • 2. 使成圓形 a lathe that rounded chair legs 旋椅子腿的車床 he rounded his lips to whistle 他嘟起嘴脣吹口哨
    • 3. 以圓脣發


    1. shaped like a circle or cylinder

    2. (of a person's body) plump

    3. (of a voice) rich and mellow; not harsh

    4. used to show that a figure has been completely and exactly reached

    5. not omitting or disguising anything; frank

    6. a circular piece of something

    7. a regular tour of inspection in which the well-being of those visited is checked

    8. each of a succession of stages in a competition, in each of which more candidates are eliminated

    9. a regularly recurring sequence of activities

    10. the amount of ammunition needed to fire one shot

    11. on every side of (a focal point)

    12. so as to cover or take in the whole area of (a place)


    「1. (of a person's body) plump」的反義字

    「2. (of a voice) rich and mellow; not harsh」的反義字

    「3. not omitting or disguising anything; frank」的反義字

    • adj.
      圓形的 rounded hills/cheeks/edges 圓頂小山/圓圓的臉頰/圓邊
    • n.
    • adj.
    • n.
    • adj.
    • vt.
    • round的形容詞最高級
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    • adj.
      圓的,圓形的;球形的 The earth is round. 地球是圓的。
    • adv.
      環繞地 He stood there looking all round. 他站在那兒環顧四周。
    • prep.
      圍繞,環繞 They sat round the table. 他們圍桌而坐。
    • n.[C]
    • vt.
      使變圓 He rounded the corners of the table. 他把桌角鋸圓。
    • vi.
      變圓;發胖 Her eyes rounded with excitement. 她的眼睛因興奮而睜得滾圓。
    • 圓的,球形的