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  1. run away with

    • ph.
      與...一起跑掉; (馬等)拖著...驚跑;(馬、汽車等)速度過快使(騎者、駕駛者)控制不住
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    • 1. 與...一起跑掉; (馬等)拖著...驚跑 The horse took the fright and ran away with the carriage. 馬受驚了, 拖著馬車狂跑。
    • 2. (馬、汽車等)速度過快使(騎者、駕駛者)控制不住 Don't let your car run away with you. 不要讓你的車開得太快而失去控制。
    • 3. (感情等)戰勝, 制伏, 不受...的約束 You tend to let your feelings run away with you. 你易於感情用事。 Her temper ran away with her. 她按捺不住, 大發脾氣。
    • 4. 偷走 Someone ran away with our jewels while we were out. 我們不在家時有人偷走了我們的珠寶。
    • 5. 與...私奔 Knowing her father's opposition to the young man, she decided to run away with him. 她知道父親反對那個青年人, 就決定和他私奔。
    • 6. 輕而易舉地贏得(比賽、獎品等); 在(戲劇表演中)顯得很出眾 Our team ran away with the game in the last half. 我們隊在下半場比賽中整場取勝。 As usual, he ran away with the highest honours. 和往常一樣, 他取得了最高榮譽。
    • 7. 輕率地接受(意見等) Don't ever run away with the idea that bankruptcy is a joke. 切莫認為破產是一件開玩笑的事。
    • 8. 消耗, 花掉(金錢、時間等) Holidays abroad run away with a lot of money. 在國外渡假耗費很多金錢。