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  1. run into

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    • 1. 偶然碰到 I just happened to run into him at the bank. 我碰巧在銀行裡遇見了他。
    • 2. 陷入 Our boat ran into a force-nine gale in the Channel. 我們的船在英吉利海峽遇到了九級大風。 We expect to run into a few snags before the machine is ready for production. 我們預料在機器投入生產前, 會遇到一些意外的困難。
    • 3. 達到, 合計 The number of people killed on the highways during holidays ran into a few hundred. 假期期間高速公路上被撞死的人數高達數百人。 Her last novel ran into three reprints in its first year of publication. 她最近的一部小說在出版當年就印行了三次。
    • 4. 撞上; 跑進 The car got out of control and run into a wall. 汽車失去控制, 而撞到牆上去了。
    • 5. 流入, 引入