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  1. send down

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      勒令大學生退學, 開除;使(溫度等)下降
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    • 1. 勒令大學生退學, 開除 Several students were sent down after the incident during the visit of a foreign Prime Minister. 在一位外國總理訪問期間鬧事之後開除了幾位大學生。
    • 2. 使(溫度等)下降 The excellent weather sent the price of produce down. 明朗的好天氣使農產品的價格下降。
    • 3. 【口】判某人入獄 He was sent down for ten years for armed robbery. 他因持械搶劫被判入獄十年。


    勒令大學生退學, 開除