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  1. shook

    • IPA[ʃʊk]



    • pt
    • 相關詞
    • vt.
      抖動; 甩動; 搖動 shake the bottle 搖瓶子 it was a rough road, and we were shaken around quite a bit inside the car 道路崎嶇不平,我們在車裡顛得很厲害
    • vi.
      顫抖; 顫動; 搖動 to shake with laughter/fear/fright/cold 笑得/嚇得/害怕得/凍得渾身發抖
    • n.
      搖動 with a shake of the or one's head 搖了搖頭 give the bottle a shake before you pour 倒東西之前先搖一搖瓶子
    • vt.
      搖,搖動;震動;抖動[O8] His heavy steps shook the room. 他沉重的腳步使房間都為之震動。 Shake the bottle before taking the medicine. 服藥之前把瓶子搖一搖。
    • vi.
      搖動;震動;發抖 He was shaking with anger. 他氣得渾身發抖。
    • n.
      搖動;震動;握手[S1] It is customary to welcome a visitor with a shake. 習慣上大家都握手迎接客人。
    • shake的名詞複數
    • 搖動,震動搖動,動搖,使震動,揮舞震動,發抖,動搖


    • adj.
    • ph.
      搖動使均勻 Let me shake up a cocktail for you while you are waiting. 你等的時候我為你搖勻雞尾酒。 As soon as the visitor was announced, mother bustled around, shook up the cushion and tidied up the newspapers. 一聽說客人到了, 母親就到處忙碌, 抖鬆座墊, 弄整齊報紙。
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    • KK[ʃʊk]
    • DJ[ʃuk]
    • n.[C]
    • vt.
    • KK[ʃʊk]
    • DJ[ʃuk]
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