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  1. sincerer

    • sincere的形容詞比較級
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    • i could not have been more sincere....??

      首先要講的是could not have + past participle是一句特別的用語,是說話者對過去的事之懷疑或否定的推測。 如:He could not have said so?(他不可能這樣說過) 所以,你的句子的意思:他不可能更真摯 希望幫到你!

    • cloze passage

      Lily felt the princes were not sincere in (1)their love for her. thus, she (2)screeched out to test them if they truly cared for her.

    • 我講嘅係真心話

      ”真心”英文可以用:sincere,如: Billy was sincere about reconciling with his...