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  1. slice

    • IPA[slʌɪs]


    • n.
      a thin, broad piece of food, such as bread, meat, or cake, cut from a larger portion;a portion or share of something
    • v.
      cut (something, especially food) into slices;cut something from (something larger) with a sharp implement
    • verb: slice, 3rd person present: slices, gerund or present participle: slicing, past tense: sliced, past participle: sliced

    • noun: slice, plural noun: slices

    • 釋義
    • 片語



    • 1. cut (something, especially food) into slices slice the onion into rings 同義詞 cut, cut up, carve, divide, segment, ... 更多
    • cut something from (something larger) with a sharp implement he sliced a corner from a fried egg he sliced 70 seconds off the record 同義詞 cut off, sever, chop off, hack off, shear off, ... 更多
    • cut with or as if with a sharp implement the bomber's wings were slicing the air with some efficiency the blade sliced into his palm
    • move easily and quickly Grimsby sliced through Swindon's defence
    • 2. strike (the ball) or play (a stroke) so that the ball curves away to the right (for a left-handed player, the left) Duval sliced his ball into the water to the right of the green
    • (in sport) propel (the ball) with a glancing contact so that it travels forward spinning Evans went and sliced a corner into his own net