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  1. spurt

    • IPA[spəːt]


    • v.
      gush out in a sudden and forceful stream;cause to gush out suddenly
    • n.
      a sudden gushing stream;a sudden marked burst or increase of activity or speed
    • verb: spurt, 3rd person present: spurts, gerund or present participle: spurting, past tense: spurted, past participle: spurted

    • noun: spurt, plural noun: spurts

    • 釋義


    • 1. gush out in a sudden and forceful stream he cut his finger, and blood spurted over the sliced potatoes
    • cause to gush out suddenly the kettle boiled and spurted scalding water everywhere
    • 2. move with a sudden burst of speed the other car had spurted to the top of the ramp