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  1. squeeze

    • KK[skwiz]
    • DJ[skwi:z]


    • vt.
      榨,擠,壓,擰;榨出,擠出[(+out of/from)];塞進[(+into)]
    • vi.
    • n.[C]
    • 過去式:squeezed 過去分詞:squeezed 現在分詞:squeezing

    • 名詞複數:squeezes

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 榨,擠,壓,擰 He squeezed the tube hard and the last bit of toothpaste came out. 他使勁擠牙膏管子,擠出了最後一點牙膏。
    • 2. 榨出,擠出[(+out of/from)];塞進[(+into)] She squeezed some juice from a lemon. 她從一隻檸檬中擠出了一些汁。
    • 3. 緊抱,緊握 He squeezed my hand. 他緊緊握著我的手。
    • 4. 勒索;強取;使負擔沉重[(+out of/from)] That guy is capable of squeezing money out of his old mother. 那傢伙做得出勒索老母親錢財的事來。
    • 5. 壓縮,減少 Climbing cost of cotton squeezes mill profits. 上漲的棉花價格減少了紡織廠的利潤。
    • 6. 勉強得到


    • 1. 榨,擠,壓,擰 He squeezed on the tube until some toothpaste came out. 他擠牙膏管直到擠出一些牙膏。
    • 2. 擠著行進 The dog squeezed through the small hole in the wall. 那條狗擠過了小小的牆洞。
    • 3. 壓榨
    • 4. 勉強得到(或通過) The bill squeezed through both houses. 議案在兩院勉強獲得通過。


    • 1. 榨;壓榨 He gave the orange another squeeze. 他又把柳橙榨了一下。
    • 2. 緊抱,緊握 He gave my hand a squeeze. 他緊緊握一握我的手。
    • 3. 少量的榨汁[S][(+of)] She put a squeeze of lemon in her drink. 她在飲料中放了一點檸檬汁。
    • 4. 【口】擁擠;擁擠的一群[S] It's a tight squeeze to get five people in that small car. 五個人坐在那個小車子裡真是太擠了。
    • 5. 拮据;困境;銀根緊縮[S1] My brother is in a tight squeeze. 我兄弟處境困難。


    vt. 榨,擠,壓,擰