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  1. stand up

    • vi.
    • vt.
      使…站立; 使…直立;讓…白等
    • 釋義


    • 1. 站立 we stood up when the teacher came into the room 老師走進教室時,我們都站了起來 to stand up straight 站直
    • 2. 直立 the tripod wouldn't stand up properly 這副三腳架立不起來
    • 3. 經得起檢驗 the evidence will never stand up in a court of law 這一證據在法庭上根本站不住腳 his case didn't stand up to close scrutiny 他的論據經不起仔細推敲


    • 1. 使…站立; 使…直立 to stand a ladder up against a wall 把梯子靠牆立著 after the little boy had fallen over, she stood him up 小男孩摔倒後,她把他扶了起來
    • 2. 讓…白等 she said she'd meet me at 7 o'clock, but she stood me up 她說7點鐘和我見面,但她失約了 I was stood up 我空等了一場