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  1. stare

    • IPA[stɛər]



    • vi.
    • vt.
      注視; 對某人來說不可避免
    • n.
    • 過去式:stared 過去分詞:stared 現在分詞:staring

    • 名詞複數:stares

    • 釋義
    • 相關詞
    • 片語


    • 1. 注視 I screamed, and everyone stared 我尖叫起來,大家都盯著我看 to stare back at sb. 與某人對視
    • 2. 睜大注視 her angry eyes stared back at him 她生氣地瞪大眼睛與他對視


    • 1. 注視; 對某人來說不可避免 the teacher stared the child into silence 老師把那個孩子盯得不再說話 to be staring sb. in the face 對某人來說顯而易見


    • 1. 注視 we received curious stares from the passers-by 過路人向我們投來好奇的目光 he fixed her with an angry stare 他憤怒地瞪著她
    • adj.
      凝視的 to look at sb. with staring eyes 目不轉睛地看某人
    • adj.
    • stare的動詞過去式、過去分詞
    • stare的名詞複數
    • ph.
      逼視某人直至他不敢對視下去; 以目光鎮懾某人 Children enjoy a silly competition in which they try to stare each other down. 孩子們喜歡玩一種愚蠢的比賽, 相互盯著對方, 看誰盯的時間長救算贏。 He fell into a rage and stared me down. 他勃然大怒, 用目光盯著我使我不敢與他對視。
    • ph.
      盯著看 The little girl stared at the toys in the window. 這小女孩盯著櫥窗裡的玩具。
    • vt.
      盯得…轉移目光 the children were trying to stare each other out 兩個孩子對視著,看誰能把對方瞪得受不了
    • vt.
      盯得…轉移目光 he easily stared her down 他輕易就把她盯得低下了頭
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    • KK[stɛr]
    • DJ[stɛə]


    • vi.
      盯,凝視[(+at/into/out of)] Don't stare at me like that. 別那樣盯著我看。 We stared at him in amazement. 我們驚奇地注視著他。
    • vt.
      盯,凝視,注視 The old man stared the uninvited guest up and down. 老人把不速之客上下打量了一番。
    • n.
      凝視,注視;瞪眼[C] He gave her a rude stare. 他粗魯地瞪了她一眼。