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  1. start

    • IPA[stɑːt]



    • vi.
      開始;開始做; 開始說
    • vt.
      開始做; 開始從事; 開始經歷; 開始上; 開始用;使動手
    • n.
    • adv
    • 過去式:started 過去分詞:started 現在分詞:starting

    • 名詞複數:starts

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    • 1. 開始 when does the class start? 甚麼時候上課? have you any idea where the rumour started? 你知不知道謠言是從哪兒傳出來的?
    • 2. 開始做; 開始說 can you start on Monday? 你能星期一開始上班嗎? it’s a long story; where shall I start? 說來話長,我該從哪兒說起呢?
    • 3. 首先做 let’s start by reviewing what we did last week 我們先來複習一下上週學的內容 let's start with the case you mentioned 我們先來說說你提到的情況
    • 4. 開頭是; 起始 the day started badly: I overslept! 那天一開始就不順利,我睡過了頭! her name starts with (an) M 她名字的首字母是M
    • 5. 出發; 開始走 we must start at 6 o'clock 我們必須6點鐘動身 to start for/from sth. 起程去某處/從某處出發
    • 6. 啟動 the car won't start 這輛車發動不起來
    • 7. 突然一驚 the sudden noise made her start 突如其來的聲音嚇了她一跳
    • 8. 開始抱怨 don't start! I told you I'd be late 別抱怨啦!我跟你說過我會遲到的


    • 1. 開始做; 開始從事; 開始經歷; 開始上; 開始用 he's just started a new job 他剛剛開始幹上一個新工作 the ship started its voyage at Auckland 船從奧克蘭起航
    • 2. 使動手 to start sb. in business 幫助某人創業 the news started me thinking 那條消息讓我思考起來
    • 3. 給…發起跑信號
    • 4. 使開始; 使發生 to start a fire/an argument 生火/挑起爭論 to start a family 開始生兒育女
    • 5. 啟動 I can’t get the car started 這輛車我發動不起來


    • 1. 開端 tomorrow's the start of a new school year 明天是新學年的第一天 the start of his speech was rather boring 他演講的開頭部分很乏味
    • 2. 開始 I think you should make a start on your homework now 我想你現在該動手做作業了 to make an early start 早早動身
    • 3. 起始優勢 to give one's children a good start in life 為孩子們奠定一個良好的人生基礎 the job gave him his start in journalism 那份工作使他走上了從事新聞業的道路
    • 4. 良好開端 I've written one page of my essay; it's not much, but it's a start 我的文章寫了一頁,雖然不多,卻是個良好的開端
    • 5. 起跑 the runners lined up at the start 賽跑運動員在起跑線上一字排開 the pistol went for the start of the 100 metres 百米賽跑起跑的發令槍響了
    • 6. 起跑提前量 they gave me a 10-metre start in the race 他們在賽跑中讓了我10米 he had an hour's start on me 他比我先出發1小時
    • 7. 參加的比賽 she has been beaten only once in six starts 她參加了6次比賽,只輸了一次
    • 8. 突然一動 she woke from the dream with a start 她從夢中驚醒 you gave me quite a start! 你嚇了我一大跳!


    • 1. 首先 to start with, we haven't enough money 首先我們的錢不夠
    • 2. 起初 she wasn't very keen on the idea to start with 她一開始並不太喜歡這個主意
    • 3. 絲毫 I should never have told her to start with 我根本就不該告訴她


    1. begin or be reckoned from a particular point in time or space; come into being

    2. embark on a continuing action or a new venture

    3. begin to move or travel

    4. cause to happen or begin

    5. cause (a machine) to begin to work

    6. (of a machine) begin operating or being used

    7. jerk or give a small jump from surprise or alarm

    8. move or appear suddenly

    9. the point in time or space at which something has its origin; the beginning

    10. a person's position or circumstances at the beginning of their life

    11. an advantage consisting in having set out in a race or on a journey earlier than one's rivals

    12. a sudden movement of surprise or alarm


    「1. begin or be reckoned from a particular point in time or space; come into being」的反義字

    「2. embark on a continuing action or a new venture」的反義字

    「3. begin to move or travel」的反義字

    「4. cause to happen or begin」的反義字

    「5. cause (a machine) to begin to work」的反義字

    「6. (of a machine) begin operating or being used」的反義字

    • start的動詞過去式、過去分詞
    • start的名詞複數
    • ph.
      啟動, 開始 The engine started up suddenly. 發動機突然發動起來了。 start up a new bus company 建立新的公共汽車公司
    • ph.
      動身返回 isn't it time we started back? It's getting dark. 咱們該回去了吧?天快黑了。
    • ph.
      (賽跑中的)起跑犯規, 搶跑
    • ph.
      出發 The small party of explorers started out with high hopes. 這隻小勘探隊滿懷著希望出發了。
    • ph.
      【口】惹事; 惹麻煩; 闖禍 You shouldn't have spoken to him like that -- you've really started something now. 你不該那樣跟他說話--這下你可闖了禍了。
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    • KK[stɑrt]
    • DJ[stɑ:t]


    • vi.
      出發,起程 We'll start at six on Friday morning. 我們星期五早上六點出發。
    • vt.
      使開始,開始[O][O4][+to-v][+v-ing] When did you start to learn English? 你何時開始學英語的?
    • n.[C]
      出發;出發點;出發時間 We'll make an early start for the beach. 我們一早出發去海灘。
    • KK[stɑrt]
    • DJ[stɑ:t]


    • abbr.
      = Strategic Arms Reduction Talks 削減戰略武器會談