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    • 1. 開始起步 he was just starting out in life when the accident happened 他的人生才開始,就出了那起事故 she started out on her legal career in 1997 她在1997年開始從事司法工作
    • 2. 最初做 he started out as a salesman 他一開始做的是推銷員 he started out in TV, but always hoped to move into films 他起初做電視業,但一直希望進入電影業發展
    • 3. 一開始是 the morning started out so beautifully 早晨剛開始的時候天氣很好 what started out as a sideline soon became a major earner for the company 最初的副業很快成了公司利潤的主要來源
    • 4. 起先打算 I started out to write a short story, but it soon developed into a novel 我本來打算寫一部短篇小說,但很快就寫成了一部長篇小說
    • 5. 出發 they started out on their 20-mile hike 他們開始了20英里的遠足 to start out for the airport 動身去機場