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  1. stock

    • IPA[stɒk]



    • n.
    • npl.
      刑枷;船臺; 在準備中
    • modif.
    • vt.
    • 過去式:stocked 過去分詞:stocked 現在分詞:stocking

    • 名詞複數:stocks

    • 釋義
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    • 片語


    • 1. 存貨 we don’t carry a large stock of pine furniture 松木傢具我們備貨不多 to be in/out of stock 有貨/沒貨
    • 2. 儲備 to build up a good stock of teaching materials 積累大量的教學資料 food stocks are running low 食物儲備越來越少了
    • 3. 股本
    • 4. 股份 stocks closed higher on Wall Street last night 昨晚華爾街股市收高
    • 5. 公債券
    • 6. 家畜 dairy stock 奶畜
    • 7. 世系 she was of French stock 她是法國人的後裔 to come from farming stock 出身農民世家
    • 8. 高湯 fish/vegetable stock 魚湯/菜湯
    • 9. 名聲 her stock is high/low 她的聲望很高/很低 his stock is rising/falling 他聲譽日隆/日衰
    • 10. 柄; 基座; 支座 a gun stock 槍托
    • 11. 紫羅蘭
    • 12. 砧木
    • 13. 發剩下的牌


    • 1. 刑枷 to be put in the stocks 被戴上刑枷
    • 2. 船臺; 在準備中 to be on the stocks 在建造中 our new model is already on the stocks and will be available in the spring 我們已著手生產新的款式,春天就可以上市

    修飾詞 (modification)

    • 1. 常備的
    • 2. 存貨的 stock turnover 存貨周轉率
    • 3. 陳腐的 a stock answer/phrase 老一套的回答/說法
    • 4. 常見的
    • 5. 現成的
    • 6. 股票的 stock prices/dividends 股價/股息
    • 7. 家畜的 stock farming 畜牧業


    • 1. 庫存 do they stock green tea? 他們有綠茶賣嗎? they stock all sizes 他們的庫存尺碼齊全
    • 2. 在…中貯存 the pond was well stocked with fish 池塘裡有很多魚 a well-stocked library 館藏豐富的圖書館


    1. the goods or merchandise kept on the premises of a shop or warehouse and available for sale or distribution

    2. a supply or quantity of something accumulated or available for future use

    3. farm animals such as cattle, pigs, and sheep, bred and kept for their meat or milk; livestock

    4. the capital raised by a company or corporation through the issue and subscription of shares

    5. the shares of a particular company, type of company, or industry

    6. a person's reputation or popularity

    7. liquid made by cooking bones, meat, fish, or vegetables slowly in water, used as a basis for the preparation of soup, gravy, or sauces

    8. a person's ancestry or line of descent

    9. the trunk or woody stem of a living tree or shrub, especially one into which a graft (scion) is inserted

    10. the part of a rifle or other firearm to which the barrel and firing mechanism are attached, held against one's shoulder when firing the gun

    11. the handle of something such as a whip or fishing rod

    12. (of a phrase or expression) so regularly used as to be automatic or hackneyed

    13. have or keep a supply of (a particular product or type or product) available for sale

    14. provide or fill with goods, items, or a supply of something

    15. amass supplies of something, typically for a particular occasion or purpose


    「1. (of a phrase or expression) so regularly used as to be automatic or hackneyed」的反義字

    • n.
      長筒女襪 a pair of stockings 一雙長筒女襪 in (one's) stocking(ed) feet 只穿襪不穿鞋的
    • n.
      長襪[P] She has lost a pair of stockings. 她丟掉了一雙長統襪。
    • stock的動詞過去式、過去分詞
    • stock的名詞複數
    • ph.
      清點存貨; 評估 In starting out to look for work, a man should take stock of his particular training and qualification. 一個人出去謀職時應估量自己受過的專門訓練與資格。
    • ph.
      有現貨或存貨 Have you any linen sheets in stock? 你們有沒有亞麻布被單現貨?
    • ph.
      (為某種需要或目的)儲備(某物) As soon as they heard about possible food shortages, they began to stock up. 他們一聽說食物可能短缺, 就立即儲備起來。 stock up on fuel for the winter 貯存燃料以備過冬
    • n.
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    • KK[stɑk]
    • DJ[stɔk]


    • n.
      貯存;(知識等的)積蓄[C][U] The sailor has a rich stock of tales of adventure. 那個水手滿肚子都是探險故事。
    • vt.
    • vi.
    • adj.