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  1. stop

    • IPA[stɒp]


    • v.
      (of an event, action, or process) come to an end; cease to happen;cease to perform a specified action or have a specified experience
    • n.
      a cessation of movement or operation;a break or halt during a journey
    • verb: stop, 3rd person present: stops, gerund or present participle: stopping, past tense: stopped, past participle: stopped

    • noun: stop, plural noun: stops

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    • 1. a cessation of movement or operation all business came to a stop there were constant stops and changes of pace 同義詞 halt, end, finish, close, standstill, ... 更多反義詞 start, beginning, continuation
    • a break or halt during a journey allow an hour or so for driving and as long as you like for stops the flight landed for a refuelling stop 同義詞 break, stopover, stop-off, stay, rest, ... 更多
    • a place designated for a bus or train to halt and pick up or set down passengers the bus was pulling up at her stop 同義詞 bus stop, stopping place, halt, terminus, terminal, ... 更多
    • an object or part of a mechanism which is used to prevent something from moving the shelves have special stops to prevent them from being pulled out too far
    • British dated a punctuation mark, especially a full stop. 同義詞 point, punctuation mark, full stop, full point, period
    • used in telegrams to indicate a full stop MEET YOU AT THE AIRPORT STOP
    • a consonant produced with complete closure of the vocal tract a bilabial stop stop consonants
    • a high card that prevents the opponents from establishing a particular suit; a control if West bids 3♥ now, this will show a heart stop
    • a short length of rope used to secure something; a stopper.
    • 2. a set of organ pipes of a particular tone and range of pitch.
    • a knob, lever, or similar device in an organ or harpsichord which brings into play a set of pipes or strings of a particular tone and range of pitch.
    • 3. the effective diameter of a lens.
    • a device for reducing the effective diameter of a lens.
    • a unit of change of relative aperture or exposure (with a reduction of one stop equivalent to halving it).