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  1. strained

    • IPA[streɪnd]



    • adj.
      焦慮的;不自然的; 緊張的
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    • 1. 焦慮的
    • 2. 不自然的; 緊張的
    • 3. 扭傷的
    • 4. 濾過的


    1. showing signs of nervous tension or tiredness

    2. not relaxed or comfortable; tense or uneasy

    3. produced by deliberate effort rather than spontaneously; artificial or forced


    「1. not relaxed or comfortable; tense or uneasy」的反義字

    「2. produced by deliberate effort rather than spontaneously; artificial or forced」的反義字

    • n.
      壓力 I found it a strain having to concentrate for so long 我覺得這麼長時間全神貫注挺累的 these repayments are putting a strain on our finances 償還這些債款使我們背負上了財務壓力
    • npl.
      旋律 they left the church to the strains of Mendelssohn's Wedding March 他們在門德爾松的《婚禮進行曲》的音樂聲中離開了教堂
    • vt.
      使勞損 to strain a muscle 拉傷肌肉 to strain one's eyes reading by candlelight 因就著燭光看書弄壞眼睛
    • vi.
      盡力 if you strain too hard, you'll injure yourself 如果太用力,你會弄傷自己的 I had to strain to hear what they were saying 我得豎起耳朵去聽他們在說些甚麼
    • vt.
      拉緊;拖緊;伸張 The heavy box strained the rope to a breaking point. 那隻沉重的箱子幾乎把繩子拉斷。
    • vi.
      盡力,使勁[(+at/after/under)][+to-v] He strained to finish the work in a week. 他拼命努力,想在一週內完成工作。 They strained to row the boat. 他們奮力划船。
    • n.
      拉緊;張力[C][U] The rope broke under the strain. 繩子被拉斷了。
    • n.
      (人的)血緣,世系;種,族[C] She is of a noble strain. 她出身名門。
    • strain的名詞複數
    • ph.
      尋求 She likes to strain after originality. 她喜歡追求標新立異。
    • ph.
      勞累過度; 鼓足幹勁 I'd be glad if you could help me, but don't strain yourself. 假如你能幫助我我很高興, 但是不要勞累過度。 She strained herself getting the work finished in time. 她鼓足幹勁把這項工作及時完成了。
    • ph.
      濾去(液體等) strain off the water from the cabbage when it is cooked 烹調洋白菜時把水分濾掉
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    • KK[ˋstrend]
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