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  1. stretch out

    • vi.
    • vt.
      伸出;拉緊; 繃緊; 鋪開
    • 釋義


    • 1. 躺下 to stretch out on sth./in front of sth. 躺在某物上/在某物的前面
    • 2. 延伸 fields and hills stretched out as far as the eye could see 田野和山巒向遠方延伸至視野所及之處 the woods seem to stretch out to the horizon 森林似乎一直延伸到了地平線的盡頭
    • 3. 延續 the moment seemed to stretch out endlessly 那一刻似乎無休無止


    • 1. 伸出 to stretch out one's hand/arm towards sb./sth. 朝某人/某物伸出手/手臂 he stretched out his hand to the telephone 他伸手去拿電話
    • 2. 拉緊; 繃緊; 鋪開 they stretch out the hides and leave them in the sun to dry 他們把獸皮鋪開,放在太陽底下晒乾
    • 3. 延長 he tried to stretch out the script with two extra scenes 他試圖多加兩幕劇來拖長這劇本 I stretched my speech out to an hour 我把演說延長至一小時