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  1. string out

    • ph.
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    • 1. (使某人/某物)有間隔地成行展開 The players were told to string out across the field. 運動員們得到指示在場上按間隔距離站成一排。 The horses were strung out towards the end of the race. 比賽中的馬臨近終點時拉開了距離。
    • adj.
      緊張的; 疲憊不堪的 to be strung out out by sth. 因某事物而焦慮
    • a. (
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    • vt.
      延長 they seem determined to string the talks out for an indefinite period 他們似乎一心要把談判無限期地拖下去
    • vi.
      分成一列 don't bunch up: string out at intervals of 30 metres 不要擠在一起:按30米的間隔排開