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  1. strip

    • IPA[strɪp]



    • vt.
    • vi.
    • n.
      條;狹長地帶; 帶狀水域
    • 過去式:stripped 過去分詞:stripped 現在分詞:stripping

    • 名詞複數:strips

    • 釋義
    • 片語


    • 1. 脫掉…的衣服 he was stripped naked/to his boxer shorts 他被扒得一絲不掛/只剩下了短褲 to be stripped to the waist 脫光上衣
    • 2. 除去 deer had stripped the tree (of its bark) 鹿啃掉了樹皮 the wind had stripped all the leaves from the trees 風把樹上的葉子都吹落了
    • 3. 使空無一物 the thieves stripped the house bare 竊賊將房子洗劫一空 the room had been stripped of furniture 房間裡的傢具都搬走了
    • 4. 拆卸
    • 5. 剝奪 he was disgraced and stripped of his title 他名譽掃地,所獲頭銜被取消了
    • 6. 損壞…的螺紋; 損壞…的齒


    • 1. 脫掉衣服 to strip naked/to one's underwear 脫得一絲不掛/只剩內衣 he stripped to the waist 他脫光了上衣
    • 2. 跳脫衣舞


    • 1. a metal/paper strip, a strip of metal/paper 金屬條/紙條 to cut sth. into strips 把某物切成條
    • 2. 狹長地帶; 帶狀水域 a small strip of garden 一個狹長的小花園 the islands are separated by a narrow strip of water 島嶼之間一衣帶水
    • 3. 隊服 the England strip 英格蘭隊隊服
    • 4. 脫衣舞 to do a strip 跳脫衣舞
    • 5. 連環漫畫
    • 6. 商業街 Sunset Strip 日落大道商業街