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  1. stroke

    • IPA[strəʊk]



    • n.
    • vt.
      撫摸;踢; 擊
    • 過去式:stroked 過去分詞:stroked 現在分詞:stroking

    • 名詞複數:strokes

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 相關詞


    • 1. 一擊 he cut the rope with a stroke of his sword 他一劍劈斷了繩子 he was given 20 strokes of the cane 他捱了20下笞杖
    • 2. 擊球 a forehand/backhand stroke 正手/反手擊球
    • 3. 杆數 to have a 3-stroke lead 領先3杆 to win by 2 strokes 以少於對手2杆的成績獲勝
    • 4. 劃水動作; 游泳姿勢 she took a few more strokes to reach the bank 她又划了幾下,游到了岸邊 butterfly stroke 蝶泳
    • 5. 划槳動作; 使某人亂了方寸 a few more strokes and they would be across the finishing line 再划幾槳,他們就可以越過終點線了 to put sb. off their stroke 打亂某人的節奏
    • 6. 尾槳手
    • 7. 撫摸 to give sb./sth. a stroke 撫摸一下某人/某物
    • 8. 舉動 a bold stroke 大膽的舉措 at one or a (single) stroke 一下子
    • 9. 一次 a stroke of bad/good luck 背運/好運 by a stroke of fortune 幸運地
    • 10. 主意 your idea was a stroke of genius 你的主意很高明
    • 11. 一筆 the paint had been applied in careful strokes 油漆已經仔細地刷好了 he finished the portrait with no more than a few strokes 他寥寥幾筆就畫好了肖像
    • 12. 斜線 the reference number is five three seven stroke six 編號是537/6 his secretary stroke PA 他的秘書兼私人助理
    • 13. 鐘聲 on the stroke of five 在5點整 at the stroke of midnight 午夜的鐘聲敲響時
    • 14. 中風 to have or suffer a stroke 患中風 a stroke patient 中風病人
    • 15. 衝程 a 2-stroke engine 二衝程發動機


    • 1. 撫摸 he’s a beautiful dog; can I stroke him? 這條狗真漂亮,我可以摸一摸嗎? he stroked his beard, wondering what to do next 他捋著鬍鬚,想著接下來該做甚麼
    • 2. 踢; 擊
    • 3. 輕拂 she stroked away his tears 她輕輕拭去他的淚水
    • 4. 奉承 I knew how to stroke his ego 我知道該如何滿足他的虛榮心


    1. an act of hitting or striking someone or something; a blow

    2. a method of striking the ball in sports or games

    3. the sound made by a striking clock

    4. a mark made by drawing a pen, pencil, or paintbrush in one direction across paper or canvas

    5. each of a series of movements in which something moves out of its position and back into it

    6. a movement of the arms and legs forming one of a series in swimming

    7. a sudden disabling attack or loss of consciousness caused by an interruption in the flow of blood to the brain, especially through thrombosis

    • stroke的名詞複數
    • stroke的動詞過去式、過去分詞
    • ph.
      平息怒氣 See if you can stroke him down. He is still very angry. 看看你能否讓他平息怒氣, 他現在仍然很生氣。
    • adj.
    • n.
    • ph.
    • adj.
    • ph.
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    • KK[strok]
    • DJ[strəuk]


    • n.[C]
    • vt.
    • KK[strok]
    • DJ[strəuk]


    • vt.
      (用手)撫,摸,捋 Tom likes stroking his beard. 湯姆喜歡捋他的鬍子。
    • n.
      撫,摸,捋[C] She felt the stroke of his hand on her hair. 她感覺得到他的手在自己的頭髮上輕輕撫摸。