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  1. supposed



    • adj.
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    • 1. 誤以為的 when did this supposed accident happen? 這場所謂的事故發生在甚麼時候?
    • 2. 應當的 to be supposed to do sth. 應當做某事 you’re supposed to buy a ticket, but not many people do 按說應當買票,不過買的人不多
    • 3. 普遍認為的 to be supposed to be sth./to do sth. 普遍認為是某物/做某事 it's supposed to be a good hotel 這家旅館口碑不錯
    • 4. 允許的 to be not supposed to do sth. 不允許做某事 you’re not supposed to walk on the grass 不准踐踏草地
    • vt.
      認為 getting a visa isn’t as simple as you might suppose 辦簽證不像你想的那麼容易 it was generally supposed that he had died 大家都以為他已經死了
    • vt.
      猜想,以為[Y][+(that)][O2][O8] I suppose he is still in town. 我想他還在城裡。
    • vi.
    • conj.
      假如,如果 Supposing he is not at home, what then? 假如他不在家,那怎麼辦?
    • ph.
      可以; 應該 You're not supposed to smoke in here. 你不可以在這兒抽菸。
    • ph.
      可以;應該 You're not supposed to smoke in here. 你不可以在這兒抽菸。
    • ph.
      期望; 認為必須, 認為應該; 認為...必要 Am I supposed to clean all the rooms or just this one? 我是應該打掃所有的房間, 還是只這一間? You are supposed to pay the bill by Friday. 你最晚在星期五結清這筆帳。
    • ph.


    • ph.
      如果某條件得到滿足 I'm going to university, always supposing I pass my exams. 我若考試及格就要上大學了。
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    • adj.
      假定的;想像上的;被信以為真的[B] a supposed case 假設情況