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  1. take sth. in

    • ph.
      將某物吸入或作入(體內); 攝取;將(衣服)改瘦
    • 釋義


    • 1. 將某物吸入或作入(體內); 攝取 Fish take in oxygen through their gills. 魚通過鰓攝取氧氣。
    • 2. 將(衣服)改瘦 This dress needs to be taken in at the waist. 這件連衣裙的腰身需要改瘦。
    • 3. (為賺錢)承攬(在家中做的工作) She supplements her pension by taking in washing. 她在家裡替人洗衣服以貼補養老金之不足。
    • 4. 包括; 包含; 包羅 The United Kingdom takes in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. 聯合王國包括英格蘭、威爾士、蘇格蘭、北愛爾蘭。 The tour took in six European capitals. 那次觀光包括歐洲六個國家的首都。
    • 5. 順便看(電影)或參觀 I generally try to take in a show when I'm in New York on business. 我到紐約公幹時常順便看場演出。
    • 6. 注視或觀察某事物 He took in every detail of her appearance. 他端詳了她一番。 He took in the scene at a glance. 他看了一眼那裡的景色。
    • 7. 理解或吸收(聽到或閱讀的)某事(博物館等) I hope you're taking in what I'm saying. 我希望你能聽得進去我說的話。 Half-way through the chapter I realized I hadn't taken anything in. 這一章我看到一半才意識到我根本沒看懂。