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  1. tank

    • IPA[taNGk]


    • n.
      a large receptacle or storage chamber, especially for liquid or gas.;the container holding the fuel supply in a motor vehicle, aircraft, etc.
    • v.
      fill the tank of a vehicle with fuel;drink heavily; become drunk
    • verb: tank, 3rd person present: tanks, gerund or present participle: tanking, past tense: tanked, past participle: tanked

    • noun: tank, plural noun: tanks

    • 釋義



    • 1. fill the tank of a vehicle with fuel the cars stopped to tank up
    • British informal drink heavily; become drunk they get tanked up before the game
    • 2. US informal fail completely, especially at great financial cost the previous movie had tanked at the box office
    • North American informal (in sports) deliberately lose or fail to finish (a game) the lackluster performance prompted speculation that he tanked the second set